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About Tabbedout®

We are the cure for forgotten credit cards and missing out on a good time. Our goal is to make mobile payment a simple and secure process that is widely available, so that bars and restaurants can spend more time with their customers. The free Tabbedout app for iPhone and Android lets consumers OPEN a tab with their mobile phone, VIEW their tab in real-time and PAY the tab anytime, anywhere. Our mobile payment solution integrates directly with the merchant’s point-of-sale (POS) system and does not require additional hardware.[/vc_column_text][vc_empty_space height=”35px”][dt_fancy_separator separator_style=”dashed” el_width=”100″][vc_column_text]

Mobile App Overview


Credit and debit card information is encrypted securely on the user’s phone, not on Tabbedout’s servers, and only the last four digits are displayed on the screen. If they like to keep things ultra secure, they can add a passphrase.


A random secret code is displayed on the screen each time they open a tab – that’s the only information that they need to provide the bartender or server.


If they’re geo social, they can checkin and announce their open tab to their social networks by using the share option.


Once their tab is opened, they can view the details of their tab in real time. No buzz-kill surprises.


When they’re ready to leave, they simply enter a tip and pay their tab with the touch of a button – anytime, anywhere.

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Merchant Benefits

More Sales

Customers are able to pay on their own time, so bars and restaurants can serve more people, especially during peak hours.

More Secure

No more cards left behind. Merchants reduce exposure by removing the exchange of a physical credit card. Our unique process provides the most secure way to ensure payment.

More Tips

Merchants are able to configure minimum and default tip percentages, ensuring their staff is taken care of.

More Assurance

Payment information, such as name and credit card, is validated upfront.

More Customers

The name and location of each Tabbedout merchant is placed in the hands of thousands of potential new customers when they see a list of nearby venues every time they use the app.

Consumer Benefits


Once a consumer encrypts their card with the Tabbedout mobile app, they no longer need to give their credit card to open a tab, reducing identity theft exposure and removing the hassle of dealing with a forgotten credit card.



Tabbedout is the only mobile payment application that gives consumers real-time visibility into their tab activity. This level of control minimizes surprises and bad customer experiences.



Customers no longer have to wait for the staff to get and pay their tab. They simply use their phone and pay whenever they want, wherever they are. They can even split the tab and pay a portion while their friends pay however they prefer – i.e. Tabbedout, cash, credit, debit, etc.


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